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  • In submitting this application, I understand that making false statement(s), withholding information, or presently or hereafter, failing to meet Allied Auto Body (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) standards for  a background check will disqualify me or cause my subsequent dismissal.


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  • I understand that the company is an at-will employer and that this application is for information purposes only and does not create a contract between the company and myself.


  • I understand that, if employed, it will be for a trial (certification) period; and that, if in the judgment of the company I am unsuitable anytime during this period, my employment may be terminated by the company without notice; and that, after this trial period my employment may be terminated by either party at will upon notice to the other.  In any event all obligations on the Company’s part as respects wages shall end the last day I work.  ­­­


  • I understand that, if employed, I will be responsible for complying with all safety guidelines including wearing a seat belt when riding as a passenger or operator, in any automobile while on Company business.  I understand that if I violate these rules I may be subject to dismissal.
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